Saturday, April 27, 2013

ubuntu 13.04 clear recent documents and stop zeitgeist tracking

Here we go again. Time to stop the (otherwise awesome) Ubuntu 13.04 from tracking your every move and storing recent documents. The solution is a little like the old hack but seems more involved.

1) Zeitgeist stuff.. 


$ zeitgeist-daemon --quit

$ cd ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/ 

$ sudo su (enter password) 

Now you're operating as the root user in the terminal so don't mess up ;) 

The basic procedure is this:

# nautilus . 

(file manager as root user) don't forget the dot so Nautilus opens in the current location

Select all files (not folders)

Right Click > Properties > Permissions tab

Set your user and others to 'None'

Enter any sub directories and do the same for all files.

Close Nautilus (as root) and return to the terminal

The basic procedure is this: 

# echo " " > filename 

That is to replace all the contents of each file one by one with a space e.g. 

# echo " " > activity.sqlite 

Do this to ALL FILES in this location. e.g. 

# echo " " > activity.sqlite-shm

Once you've done all files then enter this command to change the owner of all these files to root - this will prevent the system writing new data to the files.

BE VERY SURE that you are in the right folder before doing these.... 

# chown root *

(change owner to root)

# chattr +i *

(prevent further changes [revert this in the future  with chattr -i * ]) 

now cd to any sub directories for example "fts.index"

# cd fts.index 

and repeat the procedure of echoing a " " into all files and then chowning to root. 

Did you chown root  and chattr in this folder too? Don't forget that.

and why not...

# apt-get remove zeitgeist

2) Recently used Documents

Do the above tricks for the file "recently-used.xbel"


$ cd ~/.local/share/ 

$ sudo su 

# nautilus . 

(file manager as root user) don't forget the dot

Select the file "recently-used.xbel"

Right Click > Properties > Permissions tab

Set your user and others to None

Close Nautilus (as root) and return to the terminal

# echo " " > recently-used.xbel

# chown root recently-used.xbel 

# chattr +i recently-used.xbel 

All done!  

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Smart Launcher by Ginlemmon

You like a simple clean yet very usable homescreen?

Smart Launcher by Ginlemmon

Smart Launcher is sweet and has the power to be customized to your liking using the hosts of already available themes out there for other launchers.

I like the clean interface, customization and the speed (provided by the lightweight interface). Also when you need to access more than just the few short cuts you have on the home screen then your apps are nicely categorized for you in the simple to access drawer. You can move apps around in the drawer to place things in the categories you like.

Further still, this already great project is only in early development - so keep the reviews positive and constructive and there will be heaps of updates to come.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Triple Town Triple Castles Android (cheat)

Thanks to theelectronichelper3 for the initial tip and here is the easy shortcut from me...

You must be root
Go to /data/data/com.spryfox.tripletown/shared_prefs/
copy this file
delete the old file called com.spryfox.tripletown.xml
paste the new file in
for future ease also keep a copy called copy-com.spryfox.tripletown.xml so you can easily start new games this way

Go to settings > manage applications > triple town > force close

open triple town

Witness your Triple Castles and place one more...

You now have a very good start to a new game!

Of course you can edit the file following the basic format but to your own plans.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TripleTown easy gold Cheat!

TripleTown SEEMED to be expensive ($3.99) and require buy-in's or time wasting to get gold and "turns" - but it's easy to cheat.

  • Start a game, and just click away frantically at all the empty space - go as fast as you like and don't even worry about using skill. The board will fill up pretty quickly but you'll notice you are given quite a lot of ice crystals. As these make stones when they hit dry earth you'll probably accidentally make lots of treasure.
  • Whether you make treasure or not, don't worry. You'll make some much money so quickly by just rushing games that you'll start accumulating Gold.
  • One of the biggest uses and wastes of gold is buying items during a game - just don't bother. You only need to buy one thing ever and that is "200 turns for 950Gold" and you'll soon have tens of thousands of gold to play with.

Friday, February 3, 2012

TripleTown Free Get Gold and no Limited Turns

Triple Town by SpryFox is quite addictive but just after you're hooked into the game you are suddenly made aware that your turns are limited. You must now either pay for the game or wait for your turns to repopulate. Buying the game for the typical $0.99 would be OK but the Devs want $3.99 from you!! for a little time killer game, seems expensive even though it is very addictive.

When your turns repopulate over time you are left with 150 turns, but you'll quickly use these up. OK, you're going to need a tactic to avoid that..

The way to play is for gold. Using an ice crystal on dry land makes for a stone, 3 stones (or two and a crystal to make them 3) leads to a large stone. A Bot dropped on the big stone gets you $500gold. You can only achieve this combination through some dastardly luck, but is does happen.

The other way to get gold is to trap bears. Make dry land areas of 3 units in size and when bears are spawned, drop them in your bear traps. When you have 3 in the trap they become a church. You should be able to make this happen again and again so that you have churches near one another. Use 3 well placed churches (or two and an ice crystal) to make cathedrals. 3 cathedrals combined gets you gold.

Use the gold you make to buy extra turns. You should, with skill, be able to play for long periods without your gold or turns drying up too much - if all else fails though you can: 1) Wait for the turns to replenish, 2) Wait for the devs to make the game a reasonable price! 3) Wait for copy cat and clone versions of the game (which are sure to come as this concept is so good it is sure to be built upon by other developers.

To get a castle you need to combine 3 mansions, you get some glory for this... but no gold. Cathedrals and Rocks are what will keep the gold flowing.

Friday, January 27, 2012

automate android

Automate your android with the free software Llama.

Llama will read from phone masts where you are and then streamline your life whilst saving your time and your battery.

When I'm home but asleep Llama mutes my phone and makes sure the alarm is at full volume.

When I wake up Llama sets all my volumes and makes sure that my email and messages are up to date.

When I leave home Llama turns off my wifi and Bluetooth and lowers my data use.

When I arrive at work Llama connects to wifi, sets volumes to reasonable levels and makes sure my email and messages are up to date.

I didn't do a thing but all I would have wanted done was done by Llama. It can do so much beyond these basics too.

It's free but so good I donated to the author.